Is Metro Microsoft’s ticket back to the game?

I tried yesterday the Windows 8 Consumer Preview yesterday and I really liked it. They finally did what I’ve been asking for years: a clean start out of more than 15 years of UI history. Windows deserves another opportunity, and this may be it. One of the ideas I also wanted to see implemented in Windows is this concept of a dual interface: the old traditional Windows plus a simpler interface (kind of a “Windows for Dummies”), because that was what helped the iPad succeed.

I’m still curious about how this “Windows on ARM” project is going to work. I can see many people buying new Windows on ARM tablets (because someone on Best Buy told them they run Windows) get really disappointed to learn that only a small subset of Windows software will run there. This is the moment for .NET and Java to shine, but let’s be honest: how many people know if their software is written in any of these two platforms?

Also I’ve been using Windows Phone 7 for the past week and I have to say I really like it too. I have been faithful to my iPhone 3GS for almost two years until it became so slow that decided to switch and give WP7 a chance, maybe until the iPhone 5. There are only few things that I don’t like about the interface:
– I think the alphabetical list of apps can be improved. Even with the index shortcut, I feel there has to be a better way to arrange apps. I tend to remember more the icon of an app instead of its name, so for me is easier to just look at pictures instead of scrolling through names.
– We need more apps! I’m ultra-happy to have Skype on WP7, which was one of the main reasons why I abandoned it one year ago. Now that’s not an excuse anymore. This is still a beta, but is totally usable.
All and all, WP7 is really fast and elegant, and you can see the platform is becoming a serious alternative in mobile.

I’ve also been using XBox as a Home Theatre Centre for over a year now and I have to admit is the best thing in the market right now. Compared to this, Apple TV is no competition. Being able to have Netflix plus Hulu on the same device is just great!

All of this thanks to the new User Interface design called Metro.

I’m glad that Microsoft seems to be finding its way back.

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