About this Blog and Me

Hi! I’m Bernardo Najlis, an AI Engineering, Machine Learning and Data Leader leaving in California. I currently work at Slalom as Sr Director in the Build Data Engineering team.

I’ve been working in IT since 1994, and participated in numerous projects: from large to tiny, from long to short, from cutting edge to standard. I’ve also had my share of international projects and the chance to travel a bit around the world: Argentina, Peru, USA, Canada, China, Singapore and Japan. Most of my career I’ve specialized in working with Microsoft technologies (which I absolutely love) but I had my fair share of exposure to the world of Linux and OSS. If there’s a challenge and something new to be learned, I’m always the first in line!

I love reading all kinds of books, from IT to self improvement.

I’m also an avid runner, been running non-stop since I moved into Canada around 2010. Every time I have the chance to visit some place new, I love to log at least some short run with Nike Plus. If you are interested in a running challenge, I’m always up for it: you can find my profile here.

I’m very excited about the power of technology and how companies can use data insights and analysis to achieve new business goals and become more efficient and profitable.

About this blog

I use this blog to express my personal opinions about new trends and technologies I find interesting, how do I think they will impact the industry and also the world we live in.

This blog is now in its third or fourth re-incarnation, moving through platforms, servers and hostings… As always, being an IT professional requires long hours and is challenging to find time to create new content.

Disclaimer: The content of this blog expresses my personal opinions and not my employer’s.


I’m always happy to share my opinions, advice or connect with people doing interesting work in my field. You can contact me directly here.

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