New MacBook: Pro or not?

I’m looking for a new notebook, and it has to be a Mac notebook. I had a MacBook Pro for almost three years now, but I sold it to a friend in Buenos Aires before coming to Canada. I had a 2.16 Core2Duo (64bit) with 4GB of RAM and a 120GB HD, but I’m looking for the new model of the MBP. The thing is, I’m still not decided if the MacBook would be enough or if I should get the Pro.
Both are pretty much the same (if you’re considering the lower MBP, as I am) but there’s still a difference: not just in cost but in performance. One of the worst experiences I had with my old MBP was with its video board. I used it with a 30 inch Dell monitor, and although it had enough power to run trivial tasks on such big monitor (lots of pixels to drive!) when you wanted to see HD video, there were some performance problems.
I guess one of the things I like more about the MacBook is its simple look. But when you think about the difference in price and features you get with the Pro… I’m gonna give it a few more days thought and tell you about my decission.

My Blog

This is a whole new project I’m starting today, in several different ways.

I arrived in Canada today, moving from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and hoping to have a brand new life here. I’m actually living in Toronto, and facing all the challenges moving to a new country has.
So this blog will help me share with you, some tech related personal views and opinions.
I will be posting about technology, development and business intelligence related topics, and also my personal view and business opinions about the technology industry. I have been working with computers for 20 years, and i’m still excited about the future as I was when I started.

I had two blogs in spanish, one about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and the other to Technology and Business. I’m seriously thinking about translating those posts from spanish into english so you can read them from here.

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