Free Azure Machine Learning? Yes, Please!

With Azure Machine Learning being released to General Availability┬áthis week (Feb 18th, 2015), more interesting news come to life. There is a couple of (somewhat confusing) options to try and use AzureML. Better to be informed before you jump in and register your account with Azure… AzureML Free Tier With GA, Microsoft decided to release […]

Azure Machine Learning: Data Mining 2.0

Azure Machine Learning (aka AzureML) is one of the new products/services in this new bold world of ‘cloud first, mobile first’ that Microsoft is endeavouring. It helps you create predictive analytics from your data in a very quick and simple way, and easily integrate this with allyour applications. And you can do that armed just […]

mongoDB – What’s great (and not so great) about it

mongoDB is a relatively new database management system, one of the prime examples of the No-SQL database movement (if such a thing exists). In No-SQL databases, that can also be referred to as ‘non-relational databases’, you don’t represent data tables that store rows and their relations. Each No-SQL database has its own particular way of […]

Business Intelligence Presentation – Data Mining (Part 2 of 2)

In the second part of this presentation I talk about Data Mining, what DM is and what are its possible business applications. Also there are a list of CRM specific data mining applications. Enjoy! Business Intelligence Presentation – Data Mining (2/2) from Bernardo Najlis

Business Intelligence Presentation (Part 1 of 2)

I wanted to post this for some days now, and finally now I had the time to do it. This is a presentation I created to one of our customers back in Buenos Aires about Business Intelligence. As the original presentation was in spanish and then I translated it to english, some words or phrases […]