Jawbone UP: How to create an awesome product, screw it up and then fix it

The Jawbone UP is one of those products I waited for, and really really wanted to have. I’m kind of a gizmo’s junkie; so every new, shiny, data-collecting device released must be in near proximity of my working area field. What’s UP? The Jawbone UP is what they call a ‘fitness band’. It is a […]

Toastmasters Project #7 – Reseach your Topic – We are what we eat

Being the rebel that I am, I did project #8 before projects #6 and #7, so here are my impressions on #7. Research your Topic objectives are: Collect information about your topic from numerous sources. Carefully support your points and opinions with specific facts: examples and illustrations gathered through research. All of this is something […]

CRM & Customer Experience – How to ask for a customer’s email

How to ask for a customer’s email I was planning a trip to visit my family and friends, so I had to go to the mall to get them some presents. I wanted to give them some simple but nice and simple things so I went to Aeropostale. I chose the items I liked and […]