Business Intelligence Presentation – Data Mining (Part 2 of 2)

In the second part of this presentation I talk about Data Mining, what DM is and what are its possible business applications. Also there are a list of CRM specific data mining applications. Enjoy! Business Intelligence Presentation – Data Mining (2/2) from Bernardo Najlis

Business Intelligence Presentation (Part 1 of 2)

I wanted to post this for some days now, and finally now I had the time to do it. This is a presentation I created to one of our customers back in Buenos Aires about Business Intelligence. As the original presentation was in spanish and then I translated it to english, some words or phrases […]

Microsoft’s Lost Decade

What happened to Microsoft? I used to love their products, know each release in their line-up, enjoy every innovation. But lately (more than lately, I could say like for more than ten years ago) it seems like the innovation front has moved from MicrosoftLand to some other fertile grounds. So I would like to share some ideas about what I think about them, taking a step back and looking at their last ten years.

Success and failure with CRM – Resistance to the new

When implementing a CRM strategy is fundamental to review how your organization is working. The main subject to focus on will always be the customer. We will want to check each sector and think how do customers relate to it, what do they bring and what do the organization give in return, how to improve […]